textarea (JavaScript 1.0)

Multi-line text input field on a form.

Properties & Events

valueValue of the textarea field to be sent when the form is submitted.
chrome 1.0safari 1.0Firefox 1.0ie 3.0opera 7.0
onchangeEvent handler for when a user changes the text and moves the focus off of the field.
chrome 1.0safari 1.0Firefox 1.0ie 3.0opera 7.0

Result from the Online TryIt-Editor
chrome 1.0safari 1.0Firefox 1.0ie 4.0opera 5.0

Examples having uses of: 'textarea'

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Html Textbox

The contents are interpreted as text only; HTML markup is ignored. The user can type (theoretically) unlimited amounts of text into the textarea field. In reality the browser sets the limit.
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JavaScript onselect Event

Triggers whenever you Select/Highlight some text within textbox or textarea.