JavaScript References ordered alphabetically

Comprehensive reference to JavaScript, with full descriptions of all elements, attributes and live examples.

TagDescriptionJavaScript examplesStatus
anchorA target for a hyperlink.JavaScript 1.2
appletJava applet included in a web page.JavaScript 1.1
areaDefines an area of an image as an image map.JavaScript 1.0
argumentsAn array of parameters passed to a function.JavaScript 1.1
arrayAn array is an ordered list of elements.

javascript array

JavaScript 1.1
boolean The Boolean object is an object wrapper for a boolean value.

javascript boolean

JavaScript 1.1
buttonA graphical button that can be "pressed" by a user.JavaScript 1.0
checkboxA box that the user can check. For groups of checkboxes, users may select multiple checkboxes.JavaScript 1.0
dateLets you work with dates and times.

javascript date

JavaScript 1.0
documentRepresents an HTML or XML document.

javascript document

JavaScript 1.0
documenttraversalAllows you to create iterators and tree-walkers to traverse the nodes of a Document.JavaScript 1.0
domexceptionInterface defining error codes for DOM-related processing exceptions.JavaScript 1.0
elementRepresents an element in an HTML or XML document.JavaScript 1.0
enumeratorEnumerator is a proprietary Microsoft object that iterates over items in a group.JavaScript 1.0
errorRepresents a runtime error.JavaScript 1.5
evalerrorThe EvalError is thrown when the eval method is used incorrectly.JavaScript 1.5
eventProvides information about an event.

javascript event

JavaScript 1.0
fileuploadElement on an HTML form for a user to upload a file.JavaScript 1.0
formAn HTML form that collects user input.

javascript form

JavaScript 1.0
frameA frame within a frameset in a web browser window.JavaScript 1.0
function Every function in JavaScript is actually a Function object. JavaScript 1.0
globalThe Global object is the parent of all globally avaliable properties and methods.JavaScript 1.0
hiddenAn input element on a form that is hidden from a user. Similar to a Text element, except that it is not visible.JavaScript 1.0
historyArray of all of the URLs that a user has visited with the current browser window.JavaScript 1.0
htmlelementHTMLElement is the parent class of all HTML elements.JavaScript 1.0
imageAn image in an HTML document.

javascript image

JavaScript 1.1
inputInput element on an HTML form.JavaScript 1.0
javaclassJavaScript representation of a Java class.JavaScript 1.1
javaobjectJavaScript representation of a Java object.JavaScript 1.1
javapackageJavaScript representation of a Java package.JavaScript 1.1
javaarrayA Java array that is wrapped in JavaScript and can be accessed by JavaScript code.JavaScript 1.1
jsobjectJava representation of a JavaScript object.JavaScript 1.0
layerLayer in an HTML document.JavaScript 1.0
linkA hypertext link.JavaScript 1.0
locationURL of the window.JavaScript 1.0
math A built-in object that has properties and methods for mathematical constants and functions. For example, the Math object's PI property has the value of pi.

javascript math

JavaScript 1.0
mimetypeRepresentation of a MIME (Multipart Internet Mail Extension) data type.JavaScript 1.0
navigatorContains information about the current web browser.

javascript navigator

JavaScript 1.0
nodeNode in an HTML document tree.JavaScript 1.0
number Lets you work with numeric values. The Number object is an object wrapper for primitive numeric values.

javascript number

JavaScript 1.1
objectObject is the primitive JavaScript object type. All JavaScript objects are descended from Object. That is, all JavaScript objects have the methods defined for Object.JavaScript 1.0
optionOption in a Select list.JavaScript 1.0
passwordText field on a form where the input is masked by asterisks (*).JavaScript 1.0
pluginPlugin installed in the web browser.JavaScript 1.0
radioGraphical radio button in a group of radio buttons.JavaScript 1.0
rangeerrorThrown when a number is out of its appropriate range.JavaScript 1.5
referenceerrorThrown if reading a variable that does not exist.JavaScript 1.5
regexpPattern for a regular expression.

javascript regexp

JavaScript 1.2
resetReset button on an HTML form that resets all form elements to their default values.JavaScript 1.0
screenProvides information about the display screen and colors.

javascript screen

JavaScript 1.2
selectA graphical Select list on an HTML form.JavaScript 1.0
stringRepresents the characters of a string.

javascript string

JavaScript 1.0
styleSpecifies style characteristics of HTML elements.

javascript style

JavaScript 1.0
submitA graphical button that submits the data of an HTML form when clicked.JavaScript 1.0
syntaxerrorA SyntaxError is thrown if there is a syntax error in the JavaScript code.JavaScript 1.5
textRepresents a text node in a document.

javascript text

JavaScript 1.0
textareaMulti-line text input field on a form.JavaScript 1.0
typeerrorA TypeError is thrown when a value is a different type than what was expected.JavaScript 1.5
urierrorA URIError is thrown when there is an exception with URI encoding or decoding.JavaScript 1.5
urlURL of the window.

javascript url

JavaScript 1.0
windowThe Window object represents the web browser window. It provides access to objects to use to manipulate the browsing environment and properties for accessing the object model below it.

javascript window

JavaScript 1.0